The Pandemic Covid-19

We all staying safe at home getting all facilities spending quality time with our families. But what about those starving for food? During the pandemic we went down to the streets and we distribute food to the poor travellers, who coulndnt afford a two time meal. Across all the stations of bangalore, we distribute masks to thousand of people and sanitizers to workers. An unbelivable experience when we saw those happiness in people eyes and faces.



The Water Project

Stay home stay safe?

Our fellow delivery humans are out there delivering us each and everything. And we don't have the basic humanity of offering them a glass of water?

Through this project with sponsorship from 'BISLERI INDIA', we distributed water bottles to those delivery guys who are risking their lives in this global pandemic, and being at our doorstep on time. This cause is mainly for those delivery warriors and to also spread awareness on this great cause.   

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