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PROJECT: 15/06/2020

The Pandemic Covid-19

We all staying safe at home getting all facilities spending quality time with our families. But what about those starving for food? During the pandemic we went down to the streets and we distribute food to the poor travellers, who coulndnt afford a two time meal. Across all the stations of bangalore, we distribute masks to thousand of people and sanitizers to workers. An unbelivable experience when we saw those happiness in people eyes and faces.


PROJECT: 26/7/20

The Water Project

Stay home stay safe?

Our fellow delivery humans are out there delivering us each and everything. And we don't have the basic humanity of offering them a glass of water?

Through this project with sponsorship from 'BISLERI INDIA', we distributed water bottles to those delivery guys who are risking their lives in this global pandemic, and being at our doorstep on time. This cause is mainly for those delivery warriors and to also spread awareness on this great cause.


PROJECT: 20/08/2020

Food Distribution In Slum Areas 

Stay home stay safe?

So, as you can get to know by the name of the project, we the team members of alliends went down on the streets once again for a great cause spreading smiles.

 As we all know as soon as the lock down ended, people weren't having jobs and for which the poor slum families weren't able to afford a three time meal in a day.

so, our group went down to the slum areas, with 500-700 packets of meals, distributed them with proper safety measures and proper sanitization. we also provided the slum families masks and sanitizers as most of them weren't wearing masks.


PROJECT: 12/09/2020

Cow Feeding (Goushala)

Stay home stay safe?

During lockdown the poor human families were fed by the fellow humans, lot of people and social groups went on the streets to feed the poor and needy humans. but, what about the animals?

who fed them? so many animals died during the lockdown as they didn't get food. people used to feed the cows, dogs etc  at the cow shed but because of the pandemic people didn't donate any food  at the cow shed. so we decided to bring smiles on the faces of animals too and that's where our new project was discussed.

We team alliends donated 1000kg of grass and 400kgs of banana's. we not only just donated, our whole team gathered with all the precautions and sanitization, went to the cow shed's and fed the animals with our own hands.


PROJECT: 25-28/09/2020

Fun-Draiser (Virtual Events)

Stay home stay safe?

As we all know, during the lockdown, people learnt different types of activities and skils, we came up with our next project where in our team alliends conducted a virtual event online on our instagram page where we gave people the chance to showcase their talent like mandala art, poetry, dance, etc.

As this was a project for raising funds for our next mega event, we named this project "FUN-DRAISER". where we gave people the opportunity to showcase their talent and we can also raise funds for a good cause. we also sent hampers to the winners at their doorstep and will also give them opportunities in future.


PROJECT: 25/10/2020

Orphanage Event (Mega Event)

Stay home stay safe?

Team alliends, this time we went out of the box and thought of spreading happiness to those who didn't get the love of parents so we wanted to make their day memorable one. This time we travelled all the way from bangalore to kolar to an orphanage where their were children, who were unfit, physically challenged, blind, etc. we organised a whole day carnival for the children which included their breakfast and lunch. we organised games and activities like lemon and the spoon, cricket, hear and speak, ball in the bucket, 3 legged race, housie, musical chair, balance the balloon, volleyball, basketball, etc. we also donated clothes, sports equipments, black board, ration, books and stationery for the orphanage children. We awarded the winners with trophies, certificates and goodies. The fund for this event was partially raised from our 5th event (virtual event) and partially raised by our team heads and members, also we had our sponsor 

'Oishi", who sent hampers for all the children in the orphanage and also for all our team members. The smiles on the faces of the orphan children made our day and we hope we made their day a memorable one too. 


PROJECT: 29/11/2020

Dog House Feeding 

Stay home stay safe?

It had been a long time since team alliends came together for a new cause and this time we planned to feed the dogs who didn't have a shelter, who were picked by a dog house foundation named "krupa loving animals foundation" who are doing a great job treating and taking care of the animals who are physically challenged, blind, etc. also we donated some amount, 20 litres of milk, 5 litres of curd, a crate of biscuits and 200 buns for the dogs.

we fed them with our own hands and the dogs we trained so well that they played with everyone and we could see how happy they were.

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